Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship to the United States, Europe or anywhere else outside Canada?

This is possible, although it could get relatively expensive due to high shipping rates and possible duty/taxes. Please contact us and provide your city, country, zip code and the product(s) you are interested in. Please note that the shipping rates are often as high as the value of the products (or even higher).

Do you sell genuine doTERRA products?

We do! All products are original doTERRA products and we even offer them with a discount.

How long does shipping take?

Please check this page for shipping information.

Do I need to sign up or get a monthly subscription?

You don’t. Through our webshop you can order anytime without any subscriptions, memberships, etc.

Is shipping free?

We offer free shipping on all orders over $75!

Are you a Canadian company?

Essential Canuck is proudly Canadian owned and operated.