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Crafted with a unique fusion of essential oils and botanical extracts, doTERRA Adaptiv Capsules offer support for your daily wellness journey. When used as recommended, they can aid in promoting relaxation, especially during hectic days. These convenient capsules are designed to support cognitive function in adults and maintain cognitive performance as we age.

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22 reviews for doTERRA Adaptiv Capsules

  1. Samuel E. (verified owner)

    It’s not the most impressive, but it gets the job done adequately.

  2. Justine S. (verified owner)

    Love how easy and convenient this purchase is. It’s been great for me.

  3. Ariane E. (verified owner)

    Beyond satisfied with the performance.

  4. Elodie H. (verified owner)

    Surprisingly effective and easy to incorporate into my routine.

  5. Melania R. (verified owner)

    This product is absolutely amazing! Sometimes when I fly, I tend to get a bit anxious. While I’m not necessarily afraid of flying, I can become antsy and fidgety. However, taking a capsule before or during a flight completely calms me down. Not only that, it also helps my husband get a much better night’s sleep. I simply can’t keep enough of the roll-on version around!

  6. Kathi Z. (verified owner)

    I absolutely love adding doTERRA Canada Adaptiv oil and capsules to my daily regimen. It has truly made a world of difference for me.

  7. Samantha J. (verified owner)

    I am absolutely thrilled with the results of the Adaptiv capsules for my husband! He has been going through a stressful time with a new volunteer job that is way out of his comfort zone. After reading the warning label on the recommended product from his doctor, he decided to give these capsules a try. When he ran out before my new order arrived, he was desperate. Thankfully, a friend had some capsules to tide him over until my order arrives on Tuesday. Today, I received a heartfelt “thank you very much” from him via text and in person. This is a big deal because he doesn’t usually express gratitude so openly. It’s amazing to see him trust doTERRA Canada and experience such positive results. After using the roller on his feet, he was able to sleep for 5 hours straight – something that is truly a treat for him. I highly recommend these products for anyone dealing with stress or anxiety.

  8. Kristina N. (verified owner)

    The capsules have truly balanced out my daily stress. The oil has been a lifesaver for my 2-year-old, putting an end to his night terrors. And the roll-on has been a game-changer for me and my two sons during those stressful and anxious moments throughout the day. I can’t imagine ever being without this oil again.

  9. Kellee G. (verified owner)

    I recently incorporated Adaptive into my daily routine with my LLV supplements. I absolutely love how convenient the capsules are to remember to take alongside my vitamins. The roll-on has become a staple in my morning routine, adding a touch of calm to my Peace and Balance regimen. Since starting this new addition, I have been amazed by the increase in my energy levels.

  10. Elizabeth A. (verified owner)

    This product has truly been a game-changer for me! Whenever I feel stress creeping in or my thoughts won’t seem to quiet down, I simply take a capsule and it quickly calms me down.

  11. Katy E. (verified owner)

    The capsules are truly a lifesaver! They work wonders in calming my nerves and preventing any anxious feelings from taking over.

  12. Monica K. (verified owner)

    I have been experiencing panic attacks and night sweats upon waking up. My husband also struggles with racing thoughts that keep him awake. Thanks to Adaptiv capsules, we have found a solution to our sleep troubles. Now, if we wake up during the night, we simply roll on some Adaptiv touch on our temples and drift back to sleep effortlessly. I am so pleased with the results that I have added two bottles of Adaptiv to my order.

  13. Jus E. (verified owner)

    Adaptive has truly transformed my life! I have the full range – pills, rollers, drops – and I rely on them to maintain my composure when faced with challenging situations. The drops create a peaceful atmosphere in my room, ensuring those around me remain relaxed. On tough days, I turn to the pills to combat stress and prevent any outbursts. Ever since discovering Adaptive this summer, I knew it was exactly what I had been searching for. I absolutely adore Adaptive!

  14. Crystal N. (verified owner)

    I absolutely adore the Adaptiv products! They are simply amazing. I have the roller blend, the 15ml bottle, and the capsules, and they truly help with feelings of anxiety, nervousness, and panic. It really calms me down and makes me feel more relaxed, confident, and happier. I have also shared the roller blends with my friends, and they love Adaptiv too. It’s just incredible and smells fantastic as well.

  15. Noreen B. (verified owner)

    I absolutely adore these capsules! They have been a game-changer in helping me manage my stress and lift my mood.

  16. Angie F. (verified owner)

    I am the mother of an autistic 26-year-old and I have been dealing with what I call stress paralysis for years. It has been incredibly difficult to get things done. However, since I started diffusing this product in our house, we have all experienced its benefits. Additionally, I have also started taking the pills and gave the roller ball to my daughter who works with autistic children. Thank you, thank you, thank you for these amazing products! In the last month alone, I have accomplished more than I have in the past four years. I truly believe that my whole family has benefited from the diffusing as well.

  17. Tiffany T. R. (verified owner)

    I am absolutely in love with this product right now! The capsules and oil diffuser have been a game-changer for me in helping me relax before bed. During the holidays, I found myself reaching for Adaptiv whenever I felt my anxiety creeping up, and it truly helped me stay calm. I even use it in the car to keep myself centered. Adaptiv has become a daily essential for me now!

  18. Laura Z. (verified owner)

    I have been taking these capsules every morning for the past three weeks and diffusing the oil at work. I have noticed a significant improvement in my ability to handle stressors. Thank you, doTERRA Canada.

  19. Denise R. (verified owner)

    Adaptiv has been a lifesaver for me! The roller ball and capsules have truly made a difference in my life. Whenever I have to face stressful social situations or need to concentrate on my homework, Adaptiv comes to the rescue. It keeps me calm and collected, allowing me to tackle tasks without feeling overwhelmed.

  20. Jennifer R. (verified owner)

    I must say, I do not suffer from anxiety, but my current job is quite stressful. Ever since I started taking these capsules, I have noticed a significant difference in my overall demeanor. I feel much calmer and more level-headed. In fact, on the rare occasion that I forget to take a capsule, I can tell within the first couple of hours at work. This product has truly been a game changer for me. Additionally, I love diffusing this in the evenings before bed for a peaceful night’s sleep.

  21. Michelle I. (verified owner)

    This oil blend has been a true lifesaver for me! I was experiencing serious anxious feelings, more than usual, but after taking 1 capsule in the morning and 1 in the evening, I can’t even begin to describe how much it has helped me. Since starting this regimen, I haven’t needed anything else. I am incredibly grateful for this product.

  22. Keri G. (verified owner)

    I absolutely adore the roll-on, and the capsule is a crucial part of my morning routine with doTERRA Canada products. LLV, Adavtiv, turmeric, and yarrow pom are all essential for me in the morning. Adativ helps me stay calm and focused amidst the chaos of work and daily responsibilities. I tend to overwhelm myself with everything I take on, but Adativ allows me to approach it all with a relaxed “bring it on” mindset. It’s a unique and wonderful product that works wonders for me.

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