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Keep bacteria at bay with doTERRA On Guard Mist. Its quick-drying, fine mist effectively cleans hands when soap and water aren’t accessible, making it a practical option for on-the-go cleanliness.

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27 reviews for doTERRA On Guard Mist

  1. David M. (verified owner)

    I really enjoy using this hand sanitizer, I even sometimes spray it on my face. The only downside is that I find the scent a bit overpowering. However, it’s still great because it doesn’t dry out my hands.

  2. Sharon M. (verified owner)

    Haven’t used it yet

  3. Cathleen L. (verified owner)

    I purchased this product after seeing someone I know using it, and I absolutely fell in love with the scent. It is comforting, strong, and very spicy.

  4. Sandra G. (verified owner)

    I take it with me wherever I go!

  5. Joan U. (verified owner)

    I use doTERRA Canada and always will.

  6. Barbara J. (verified owner)

    Love, love, love.

  7. Linda P. (verified owner)

    I enjoy the fragrance of the hand sanitizer.

  8. Margaret L. (verified owner)


  9. Basia R. (verified owner)

    I use 2 bottles a week, whether I’m in the car, at home, or anywhere else I go. I wonder if there is a way to recycle these bottles. I have saved them just in case you find a way to recycle them. Unlike other sprays, these are not toxic.

  10. Raquel V. (verified owner)

    Love my On Guard Hand Sanitizer Spray.

  11. Kathy H. (verified owner)

    This hand sanitizer is my favorite.

  12. Christine J. (verified owner)

    Love this for on the go!

  13. Maureen A. (verified owner)

    Love the smell! Works perfectly for on-the-go.

  14. Lynn K. (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this product! I keep one in my purse and use it daily when I get out of my car or back into my car. It’s perfect for cleaning the outside of my cloth purse when I come home from being out anywhere. I also use it on surfaces around my house like doorknobs, countertops, and sink handles. In my car, I use it on the door handles, steering wheel, shifting knob, radio dials, turn signals, and air conditioning buttons. It’s versatile enough to use on my cell phone, house phone, and even on my cloth masks. Plus, I love giving them away to friends and family. Highly recommend!

  15. Bev P. (verified owner)

    I recently gifted one to my chiropractor, and it was a game-changer for his hands that were suffering from the harsh effects of constant hand sanitizing. I always keep multiple on hand at all times.

  16. Joyce V. (verified owner)

    I absolutely love using this product on shopping carts, door handles, ATM machines, and debit/credit card machines.

  17. Darlene K. (verified owner)

    I am a huge fan! The essential oil blend smells amazing and includes all of my favorite scents in one bottle. I use this hand sanitizer every day and receive compliments on its delightful fragrance. This will be the only hand sanitizer I use from now on.

  18. Rachel H. (verified owner)

    I absolutely adore this spray! I have gifted one to my boss and even to my mailman, along with a heartfelt thank you note. With the recent recalls of hand sanitizers, I am grateful to know exactly what is in my handsanitizer. I simply love, love, love it and all the OnGuard products.

  19. Anita X. (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this spray! I even spritz my cloth mask with it before and after wearing it until I can get home to wash it. The scent is delightful.

  20. Nancy X. (verified owner)

    I absolutely adore this hand sanitizer spray! Not only does it protect my hands, but I also love using it on other surfaces, my body, clothing, and even my hair. During a recent holiday, this spray was a lifesaver as I used it to keep mini ants away from my bed. The OnGuard EO that I use at home works wonders on normal ants, so I decided to give this spray a try when the insecticide sprayed before my arrival didn’t work. I slept peacefully knowing that I wasn’t breathing in any toxins and that my bed was ant-free. This product is truly amazing and I am loving it!

  21. Gene D. (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this spray! I use it to freshen up my mask before heading out in my car, and it dries quickly by the time I reach my destination. I also spray it on my hands before entering a store, and again before getting back into my car. It’s so convenient and has become an essential part of my daily routine. Plus, I’ve been able to share one with each of my 3 sisters, too!

  22. Lily H. (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the OnGuard sanitizing mist! Not only do I use it on my hands for immune support, but I also use it throughout my home. It’s perfect for cleaning counter tops, handles, faucets, and knobs. I even use it to freshen up the toilet – bowl, seat, and lid. Plus, it’s great for spraying on cloth to wipe down computer keyboards, remotes, and cell phones. And the best part? It leaves my folded clothing in dresser drawers smelling fresh and clean. Highly recommend!

  23. Jeri N. (verified owner)

    I accidentally forgot my deodorant on a trip and used this spray. I was nervous but it worked great! I carry it everywhere. Used on shopping carts and ever time I get home from work, shopping, eating…. Everywhere.

  24. Barb O. (verified owner)

    My husband absolutely loves this product! He carries it in his pocket all the time at work. He proudly whips it out for others to use when he deems it appropriate.

  25. Donna W. (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this hand sanitizer! I always keep it in my car for easy access. Unlike other hand sanitizers, it doesn’t burn my dry skin and the scent is amazing.

  26. Deborah P. (verified owner)

    This product has a pleasant smell and is compact, making it easy to fit anywhere. It is a high-quality product that I like to stock up on. You never know when you might need it. I truly enjoy using this product.

  27. Sarah B. (verified owner)

    I absolutely love using this product every day! It would be even better if it were available in a larger refill size so we could easily refill our smaller bottles. I really dislike having to deal with all the excess plastic waste.

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