Aromatic use of doTERRA essential oils. Diffuse a couple drops in your diffuser. Place in palm of your hands and inhale. Use in household cleaning, bath and shower products.


Using essential oils aromatically can influence you in a myriad of ways. Traditionally, aromatic usage has been aimed at improving a person’s mood. A better and more stable temperament can have countless benefits on your life, every single day. Direct inhalation of doTERRA’s® Elevation or Citrus Bliss® first thing in the morning can help you wake up and motivate you to take on the day’s tasks.

Diffuse essential oils with distinct top notes such as Eucalyptus and Basil throughout the day to keep you productive at work. A quick breath of Peppermint can give you the boost to make it through a tough workout. Diffusing Lavender or Vetiver at night, or adding a few drops to your pillow, can help you prepare for the restful sleep you require to get through the ensuing day. Using essential oils aromatically can be the boost you need to get through the normal stresses of day-to-day life.

Aromatic usages

The benefits of CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils can be realized through several delivery methods: aromatically, topically, and internally. doTERRA helps facilitate the different options for the use of essential oils in their various forms by providing quality products that follow traditional applications as well as more technologically advanced applications with state-of-the-art diffusers. Using a variety of application methods can offer a unique and exciting experience with each oil. Be sure to refer to the essential oil usage charts and follow usage recommendations to ensure safe application.

  1. Diffuse a few drops in the morning, throughout the day, or right before going to bed.
  2. Place a drop in your palm, rub the palms together, and inhale.
  3. Drip 2–3 drops onto the floor of the hot shower, away from the water path, and breathe in.
  4. Add to household surface cleaners, or to a load of laundry.
  5. Add a couple of drops to pillows and bed linens.

3 Helpful Blends

Studies show convincing evidence that simply inhaling the aroma of an essential oil is effective for calming nervous or anxious feelings in a variety of settings.


Fight the Afternoon Slump


Kick Back and Relax


Feel Good Blend


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Showing 1–12 of 61 results