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Cold pressed from the bright, yellow peels of the lemon fruit, doTERRA Lemon Essential Oil stands out as a top-selling favorite from doTERRA, cherished for its remarkable versatility.

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doTERRA Lemon Essential Oil

A must-have for every household, doTERRA Lemon Essential Oil isn’t just a scent; it’s a powerhouse of freshness and vitality. Bursting with limonene, its natural cleansing properties make it a go-to for keeping surfaces sparkling and air invigorated.

Elevate your culinary creations with a drop in your favorite recipes or a hint in your drinks. doTERRA Lemon Essential Oil also adds a zesty twist to hydration, making water more enticing. Discover the multifaceted benefits of Lemon oil and infuse your life with its uplifting essence.

doTERRA Lemon Essential Oil is a popular addition to foods, enhancing the flavors of desserts and main dishes alike. Adding Lemon oil to water provides a refreshing and bright taste, encouraging hydration throughout the day. Whether utilized as a natural cleaning agent in the home or diffused to invigorate a room with its refreshing aroma, Lemon essential oil offers countless benefits for both body and home.

Uses for doTERRA Lemon Essential Oil

  • Flavored drinks or water: Transform bland water into a refreshing elixir by adding a drop of doTERRA Lemon Essential Oil. For an extra fruity kick, pair it with sliced fruits for a delightful infusion.
  • Hand cleansing: Say goodbye to grease and grime by incorporating Lemon oil into your hand soap for a deep, citrusy cleanse after mechanical work.
  • Residue remover: Banish sticky residues effortlessly by applying Lemon oil to a rag and wiping away stubborn adhesives, leaving behind a fresh scent.
  • Evening skincare: Rejuvenate your skin and senses with Lemon oil’s cleansing properties. Add a drop to your evening scrub for a revitalized complexion.
  • Oral care: Brighten your smile naturally by combining Lemon oil with baking soda and coconut oil for a refreshing teeth-cleaning blend.
  • Furniture polish: Preserve the beauty of your furniture with DIY polishes infused with Lemon oil, offering a natural alternative to synthetic products.
  • Cooking and baking: Infuse your culinary creations with the vibrant taste of Lemon oil, perfect for savory dishes, desserts, and baked goods.
  • Cleaning: Harness the fresh scent and cleansing power of Lemon oil by adding it to homemade cleaning solutions for a pristine home environment.
  • Diffusion: Create an uplifting ambiance by diffusing Lemon oil alone or in blends, filling your space with its crisp, citrusy aroma.


  • Diffusion: Add three to four drops to your diffuser.
  • Internal use: Dilute one drop in 120 mL of liquid.
  • Topical use: Apply one to two drops to desired area, diluted with a carrier oil if needed.

Plant description

The lemon tree, native to Asia, is an evergreen bearing ovate leaves and year-round fruit. Lemons, a hybrid of sour orange and citron, yield essential oil extracted from their peels through cold pressing.

doTERRA Lemon Essential Oil blends well with…

doTERRA Lemon Essential Oil complements citrus oils like Grapefruit, Lime, and Bergamot, while minty oils like Douglas Fir and Wintergreen offer a refreshing combination. Spicy oils like Cinnamon Bark and Frankincense add depth to doTERRA Lemon’s vibrant aroma.


Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. Consult a physician if pregnant, nursing, or under medical care. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas. Avoid sunlight or UV rays for up to 12 hours after application.

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