doTERRA On Guard Protecting Throat Drops30 all-natural throat drops

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doTERRA On Guard Protecting Throat Drops are crafted to help alleviate throat discomfort and irritation. When taken internally, the natural properties of doTERRA On Guard Protective Blend can support a healthy immune system function*, making these throat drops an excellent addition to your seasonal and environmental health regimen.

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15 reviews for doTERRA On Guard Protecting Throat Drops

  1. Martin N. (verified owner)

    I really like them.

  2. Debbie M. (verified owner)

    I love these throat drops. They effectively soothe and heal my sore throat, providing relief when I have sinus congestion. I find that taking them consistently yields positive results for me. Whenever I feel under the weather, I simply take one of these drops and experience immediate relief.

  3. Ryan H. (verified owner)

    I absolutely love them! I have been using On Guard Protecting Throat Drops for years.

  4. Michael F. (verified owner)

    This lozenge is the best I have found for soothing a sore throat. It also appears to help in healing a sore throat.

  5. Lily H. (verified owner)

    These throat drops are excellent!

  6. Linda S. (verified owner)

    I was introduced to these cough drops several years ago and have loved them from the very first lozenge. They help alleviate discomfort within the first few minutes, and I also enjoy the clove taste.

  7. Wendy L. (verified owner)

    Takes care of that sore throat.

  8. Nadia S. (verified owner)

    I received these throat drops as a free sample with an order I placed. I have frequent sore/strep throat issues. The past two times that I have had throat issues, I immediately popped one of these drops in and within 30 minutes my throat felt a lot better. I am out of my free sample, so I am placing an order today!

  9. Gail B. (verified owner)

    It was great and it helped my throat. Thank you, and I’ll continue to order from you.

  10. Ronda H. (verified owner)

    They work great. I have been using the On Guard throat drops for years and always keep some on hand. They are very helpful when you feel like you might be catching a cold or if your throat is dry.

  11. Luis C. (verified owner)

    These drops help me stay healthy!

  12. Tommy L. (verified owner)

    These throat drops provide me with relief when my throat is dry. They also help clear my nasal passages. The flavor is great! I would definitely recommend this product.

  13. Mary G. (verified owner)

    I love it! It’s fantastic! The flavor is excellent.

  14. Cindy C. (verified owner)

    Introduced to us by our daughter, this product has a great taste that is difficult to describe but very enjoyable. It serves as a good, no, great alternative to simply popping in a piece of candy.

  15. Cheryl B. (verified owner)

    My favorite cough drop that works and I like the taste!

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